Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Referee Still Upset About Being Yelled At By Muschamp

Saturday's Tennessee-Florida game saw an abundance of flags thrown. In total, 26 penalties were called, 16 of which, went against the Gators. Included in this flag parade were six pass interference calls that sparked the ire of Will Muschamp toward the officiating crew. Drawing the most verbal abuse was referee Tom Ritter, who Muschamp blasted going into the tunnel at halftime.

"He didn't have to yell at me like that, gosh," said a still visibly shaken Ritter, who said he cried all the way home after the game. "I'm doing the best I can, gee whiz, and it's hard having someone tell you you're a no good so-and-so. That just hurts. Officials have feelings too, you know?"

Since Saturday, Ritter says the last few nights have been very restless because he can still hear Muschamp screaming at him in his sleep. "That man is terrifying. Looking into his eyes is like staring into two little black holes of rage and murder. I tried to stay as far from him as I could, but I could still hear him yelling at me from fifty yards away."

Ritter wouldn't repeat what Muschamp said to him, only saying, "I'm a good Christian man and the things I heard, I can't bring myself to say. Some of the things he said, I've honestly never heard in twenty years of officiating. Do you know what a Columbian Necktie is? I don't, but he kept saying he would give me one. His words haunt me now."

Muschamp would not comment on what he said to Ritter during the game, but smirked and made a throat slashing gesture with a glint of blood lust in his eyes.