Sunday, March 11, 2012

2011-12 Florida Gators Meme Tournament

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You've seen a thousand different brackets posted all over the internet and there will be a thousand more posted after today, so here's another one that's no more original than the rest (I really know how to sell it). Over the past year, Florida fans have seen their share of memes crop up. Well, here's your chance to decide which one was the best by voting on each match-up. If you can't read the match-ups in the bracket above because I threw it together in MS Paint, then here they are:

Mr. Two Bits Region
1) Muschamp Stare vs. 8) True Freshmen QBs
2) I ain't never been to Italy vs. 7) Mooseman
3) Young's block and dunk vs. FSU vs. 6) Craig James NOT calling the Gator Bowl
4) FREE GILLY vs. 5) Deep balls to Debose

Jon Xynidis Region
1) It mean grind vs. 8) Easley & Reggie Myles
2) Donovan's seafood ad vs. 7) Muschamp yelling at refs
3) Bucky Dent is Cody's dad vs. 6) Stickman
4) Demps' run vs. Kentucky vs. 5) Weis leaves

Cliff Richard Region
1) What's a Padawan? vs. 8) Rosario's tattoos
2) Jelani Jenkins & the roach vs. 7) Poor Cody
3) Beal's dunk vs. Alblamllal vs. 6) URBAN MEYER IS A GROWN ASS MAN AND CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS
4) Weis' cooler vs. 5) Rainey allowed to talk to the media

Jeff Corsaletti Region
1) I doodoo, then listen to Katy Perry vs. 8) Rebuilding Brantley's fragile psyche
2) Easley's Chucky doll vs. 7) Easley's dancing
3) I don't speak French vs. 6) URBAN MEYER IS A TRAITOR, Y'ALL
4) Brantley graduates vs. 5) Sac bunts with Zunino and Tucker

First round voting will begin tomorrow with the Mr. Two Bits and Jon Xynidis Regions followed by the remaining two regions on Thursday. You will have TWO DAYS TO VOTE for each match-up. So spread the word and may the best meme win!


  1. Couple of epic first-round matchups in the 4-5 spot.

    4) FREE GILLY vs. 5) Deep balls to Debose
    4) Demps' run vs. Kentucky vs. 5) Weis leaves

    Muschamp Stare has to be the #1 overall seed, but my pick to win the tournament is Donovan's seafood ad. Also, I AM OUTRAGED THAT TEBOWING WAS LEFT OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT WHAT THE HELL WAS THE SELECTION COMMITTEE THINKING IT'S A CONSPIRACY EVERYONE'S OUT TO GET ME AND MY FANBASE.

    1. Yes, Muschamp Stare is the overall #1.

      As for Tebow, I wanted this tournament to be confined to only current players and coaches. Now I know I included Urban Meyer. My decision behind that was that Meyer taking the OSU job completely divided Gator Nation and I found that fascinating. Meyer taking the job wasn't so much the story, but the reaction from Gator fans. Also, I'm suffering from Tebow fatigue. I love him, but I need a break.

    2. I totally agree with you on all points regarding tournament participants and Tebow fatigue. I just figured I'd kill two birds (bracket whiners and Tebow worshipers) with one satirical stone in that previous comment.

  2. Obviously, Muschamp Stare will go all... the... way...!

    If not, my vote is for GROOPAH and SNAPPAH.