Sunday, October 6, 2013

Florida Secondary Goes Too Far With 'No Fly Zone' Mantra By Forcing Plane To Crash

A couple hours before yesterday's kickoff between Florida and Arkansas, a small plane crashed down at Flavet Field. There were no casualties and the two occupants of the plane suffered non-life threatening injuries. The cause of the crash was found to be Florida's secondary who live by the mantra of keeping the football field a "no fly zone."

"You can't come into our house and think you're gonna do something through the air. Don't matter if it's a football or a plane. We gonna take you down." Said Loucheiz Purifoy who later added his first career interception after taking down the plane.

Some believe forcing a plane crash is going too far for the defensive backs. "People could have been seriously hurt. Thank God no one was and the injuries those people on the plane suffered weren't life threatening. We all laughed and thought it was great when he heard the secondary wanted a no fly zone, but we thought they were only talking about teams throwing the ball on them. This is too much. They're putting people's lives in danger," said concerned fan, Taylor Nunn, who was tailgating near the crash.

However, Will Muschamp defended his players saying he wants them to play their game and not lose that aggressiveness.

"I like the guys we got. They play hard and make plays. That was a heckuva play from them. That shows a lot of teamwork taking down a plane like that. I'm thrilled for them and want them to build off of it. I want to see them take down other forms of aviation in the future like the Goodyear Blimp, helicopters, and the Blue Angels," said a proud Muschamp.

Notes: Brent Pease? More like Brent Addazio, am I right?...Tight end Tevin Westbrook caught his second pass of the season firmly establishing himself as Florida's go-to player at that position...Muschamp continues to look into the legality of murdering a kicker. The state of Florida's lax laws may allow it...Next week Will Muschamp and Florida travel to Baton Rouge to play Les Miles and LSU. Expect a very well executed, smart, clean game with absolutely nothing unusual or strange happening because why would it? Will Muschamp is in no way a Neanderthal grunting orders and painting defensive formations on the wall of a cave. And Les Miles is not an escaped mental patient who is making things up as he goes along. Nope.